Health Tips

The hectic schedules of our life leave no time for personal or health care. We often punish our body with junk food and soft drinks though we know that they do us nothing but harm. Since they are easily available and ready-to-eat we tend to ignore the dangerous calories and fats we are adding to our body in the process.

Spare a moment or two for health care with these simple health tips. Believe it or not, if you follow them well, you will always find your spirits high and your mood bright. That little extra work won’t seem a load nor will socializing at the party in the evening an effort. A healthy lifestyle is the pre-requisite for a healthy body. Stick to a healthy regime and you will feel as fit as a fiddle. Always!

  • Begin your day with a tall glass of warm water mixed with a few drops of lemon juice and honey. The lemon helps in cleansing the system while honey facilitates digestion.
  • As the age old adage goes, ‘breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper’. Care should be taken to have a diet that includes all the nutrients necessary for the body.
  • Fix a quick and healthy breakfast of oats soaked in milk and whole fruits instead of opting for white bread and jam. Whole wheat bread (brown bread) is healthier and goes well with a slice of cheese or low-fat peanut butter.
  • A traditional Indian breakfast of rotis & vegetable curry, idli-sambar and dosa is also ideal. Supplement this wholesome breakfast with a cup of tea or milk. Never skip breakfast. It is the first and most important meal of the day.
  • Include fresh vegetables, green leafy vegetables and fruits in your diet. Toss in beans, sprouted cereals, soy beans etc in your salad.
  • Fruits are best had as they are – whole and fresh. This practice is better than having fruit juices as there is no loss of nutrients.
  • Drink as much as eight glasses of water a day.
  • Tomato, cucumber and carrots are good for the skin.
  • Natural fruit and vegetable facials once a week can help keep the skin soft and supple.
  • Make it a point to indulge in some physical activity such as running, brisk walking, skipping or playing an outdoor game. It helps you burn those extra calories.
  • Though it is said that 5 small meals are healthier it is best to have three balanced meals a day. Those who are used to having light snacks intermittently instead of three square meals a day should add fruits, salads and greens to their diet.
  • Vegetable and meat soups are a good evening snack. Soups are good appetizers too.
  • Dinner should be kept light. If you are in a mood for salads, mix one with fresh vegetables such as tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, carrots, lettuce, radish, and coriander leaves. You can even add baked potatoes, eggs, fish and chicken to the salad, since they are rich in proteins.
  • Having a glass of warm milk with a pinch of turmeric powder before going to bed helps keep the bones strong.
  • Finally, the food you eat must be prepared hygienically. Wash the vegetables well before chopping them and see that your hands are cleaned well. Food must be cooked with good feelings.

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